You’ve Always Been Beautiful

You've always been beautiful

Greetings from Open Studio! We just wrapped up our first longer-form studio of the season and WOW was there great therapy work being done.

The girls have recently become fascinated with the idea of their FOLDERS. Each girl has a folder in my office where I keep all of their art therapy work from the time they arrive at La Europa. On Level 5, they have the option of doing a comprehensive art review where we lay out all of their art in chronological order and trace their progress visually.

Because of this, more and more girls are choosing to leave their Open Studio art with me to keep in their folder, curious to see how all of the pieces fit together and illustrate the hard work they are doing here. Although they don’t have to do therapeutic projects during Open Studio, it pleases me how often their self-directed work ends up being therapeutic, like the picture above.

I love working at La Europa and being able to integrate the arts into each girl’s clinical care.

— Malissa Morrell, ATR-BC (Board-Certified Art Therapist)

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