Friday Afternoon at La Europa Academy

Friday afternoon at La Europa AcademyIt’s Friday afternoon. The teachers and therapists are starting to head home, the girls are getting ready for a trip to a local art festival, and it’s “free time.”

In the kitchen, 4 girls and a residential advisor are filling water balloons for water games to take place later this weekend. A group of girls sit at a table in the dining room, sharing nail polish colors and chattering away. Another group watches a movie together, giggling and relaxing. But, what really catches my eye is the jam session in the corner.

One student plays guitar, another improvises vocals with a bluesy, edgy drawl. Several students look on, relaxed, enjoying the music and the show. I notice two other things, though. While these two things might seem out of place in some locations, at La Europa Academy, they make perfect sense.

First, one of the jammers is Aaron Lopez, our new Residential Director. He sits with the girls, following their lead, providing a steady, solid bass line to their musical exploration. He, like the rest of them, seems relaxed and at ease, smiling and laughing as they go.

And second, several of the students and staff have pulled out paints and are making art inspired by the musical jam. They paint in silence, participating with the musicians by creating art in their own way.

It’s a great Friday at La Europa Academy. Hope you have a great weekend!


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