Hill Aerospace Museum

During the summer, the teachers of LEA like to take advantage of the many opportunities in the Salt Lake Valley.  Today, we went on a field trip to the Hill Aerospace Museum.  Part of the Hill Air Force Base, the museum has an extensive collection of planes and other military gear from WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the more recent wars in the Middle East.  We were very impressed with how many planes they had!  We saw an F-16 and other fighter planes, bombers and re-fueling planes, and many types of helicopters.  We sat in a troop transport helicopter and learned that something seemingly simple as an ejector seat is not so simple after all!  Our favorite was the “Blackbird” stealth reconnaissance plane that was very elegant and much bigger than one would expect.

While we were there, the Air Base conducted a command change ceremony.  We were impressed with the pomp and circumstance that accompanied this ceremony, and some students had the opportunity to meet the outgoing Commander.

The museum was staffed by veterans who knew so much about the planes and were so willing to teach us the anatomy of a plane and how things worked.  After seeing all the exhibits in the museum, we went outside and ate our lunch in the shade of the wings of a giant troop transport plane, then returned to LEA.


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