Kimball Art Center in Park City

For our Friday field trip this week, we drove up to Park City and visited several art galleries and museums.  Park City is a town with a real focus on the arts.  Every year, they hold the Sundance Film Festival.  In addition, Deer Valley Resort has a partnership with the Utah Symphony and hold outdoor summer concerts there.  We had the opportunity to visit some galleries and get a feel for the culture that is Park City. 

We visited Kimball Art Center, where they had two really nice exhibits.  One was pieces in wood, fiberglass and resin, entitled “Color”.  They were indeed colorful and showed a complex variety of color combinations.  We also saw an exhibit of wire mesh sculptures.  They were amazing, and showed how an industrial material could be formed and molded into very beautiful organic and flowing shapes.

We also spent a bit of time walking along the historic streets of Park City and stepping into a few more of the wide variety of galleries.  Some were photography, some painting, and others had all kinds of sculptures.  It was a beautiful summer morning and teachers, students and staff all enjoyed spending time with each other, and having the opportunity to view some great art.

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