Tracy Aviary Field Trip

This morning, La Europa students, teachers and staff traveled downtown to attend Salt Lake’s beautiful Tracy Aviary.  Located within Liberty Park, this has been a great place for families to enjoy a bit of wildlife in the city.

Tracy Aviary has tropical birds from all over the Americas as well as birds that hail from our own state.  We saw many birds from emus, egrets and eagles, to parrots, peacocks and pelicans.  We learned that owls can indeed fly silently, but are not particularly wise. Also, we watched a bird show and learned that the red-crested turaco eats poison berries to make itself taste bad to predators.

Tracy Aviary also has beautiful grounds.  The trees are large and beautiful and shade the flower-lined walkways.  We enjoyed a warm, sunny morning to spend time away from school and to be outside.

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