A Fabulous Festival


Diane, LEA’s photo teacher, sets up a photo display in the gallery

Weeks before heading down to Cedar City for the Tony Award-Winning Utah  Shakespeare Festival, the ladies of La Europa hosted a festival all their own.

After participating in parent-teacher conferences, groups, and various therapy sessions, our visiting families gathered at Salt Lake’s Sugar Space Studio for the Arts in anticipation. Parents socialized, perused the art and photography displayed in the gallery, and thumbed through student-designed customized programs. Girls tuned their instruments and adjusted their costumes while running through last-minute preparations. A nervous excitement infused the air.

When the house lights dimmed and the show began, the multimedia presentations, original and cover tunes, lyrical and hip hop dances, impersonations, and collaborative group songs prepared by the girls came to life. They cheered in support of their peers, while parents filmed and snapped pictures. The experience aptly reflected its theme of “Community” through both the performances and the encouragement the audience returned to each performer.

While LEA’s Fine Arts Festival has not yet garnered a Tony Award, the foundation of family, community, and creative expression that it strengthens helps prepare our girls to win in much bigger ways. Congratulations to everyone who made it possible!


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