Amazing Shakespeare Festival!

This week, some of our upper level girls had the opportunity to attend the world-famous Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah.  While we’ve known of its reputation for producing great repertory shows every year, we learned this year the great reputation it has among actors and those in theater production.  We had the opportunity to talk to several actors, but one in particular told us of her journey to this venue, and how she auditioned for eight years before getting parts this year!

We had the opportunity to watch six productions this year–two Shakespeare plays and four non-Shakespeare plays:  The Merry Wives of Windsor, Titus Andronicus, Mary Stuart, Scapin, To Kill a Mockingbird and Les Miserables.  We enjoyed all of them.  Over the summer, our Shakespeare class has been studying the Shakespeare plays in preparation for what we would see, so we could appreciate the stories and the writings by the Bard.  We were each partial to one play or the other, but by far, our favorite was Les Miserables.  One student said: “I really felt connected to the characters and felt what they were feeling.”

In addition to the plays, we had the opportunity to participate in a costume seminar, a props seminar, and a backstage tour.  Also, we attended the Greenshow–a short entertaining song and dance presentation before each Shakespeare play.  We were very busy and spent what little time we had to finish homework and projects for the quarter.

Overall, we had a great experience visiting Cedar City and the great Shakespeare Festival.  It is an experience we will remember for a long time.  We were so glad to spend it with each other and our teachers, Kelli and Jill, and our assistant program director, Allie.  Thanks to them for planning and preparing this awesome trip for us.


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