Knowing the Ropes


She wobbled a bit as she stood erect atop the telephone pole-sized perch that was no larger in circumference than a small dinner plate. Hemet and harness intact, she spread eagle her arms and shouted:

If I can do this, I can do anything!

Eyes on her target, goal in her mind, she took a few deep breaths and launched herself forward, trusting the belay and stretching for the goal.

She nailed it.

The girls were learning the dramatic lesson on the tee shirt modeled by a member of the ropes course staff: Life’s a perch and then you fly. In fact, the perch was not the only thing that represented life that day; every event the girls participated in at Cam Mosher’s ropes course brought to the surface patterns and limiting belief systems the girls were able to challenge.

And they really did fly. From trust falls to the “life line” to scaling a huge wall with nothing but teamwork and determination, the ladies of La Europa demonstrated an amazing amount of courage, grit, and support for each other. They learned about the power of their perceptions in shaping their lives. They learned about their own inner strength. They learned to trust themselves and to discover their own inherent abilities as they chose to step out of their comfort zones. They learned how to make the impossible possible.

We are so proud of our girls for investing themselves in this powerful experience. By making the choice to “opt in”, they learned information about themselves and skills that will help them navigate the ropes of life.


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