Secret Service: A Mission Debriefing

They were gathered, rumor has it, because they were some of the best and brightest agents available to Interpol. A valuable trunk was missing, and the ladies of La Europa were the only ones who could find it. After they received a classified communication from the chief detailing their mission (should they choose to accept it, of course), they were advised on the particulars of their first step to recovering the trunk.

The agents reviewed their top secret dossier and discovered money, a map, and a list of items needed by the patients at Primary Children’s Medical Center. The fearless ladies (disguised by sunglasses) then braved the Black Friday crowds at Target and completed their reconnaissance mission in record time. Placing baby clothes, toys, and other assorted items in the gift bag provided in their initial package from Interpol, the agents took their loot downtown to their first informant at the hospital.

After the package was safely in the right hands, their informant passed them an envelope. Back in the van, they opened it to discover they had a package waiting in a secret location at La Europa. They also received the first part of the cypher they had to decrypt in order to discover the location of the trunk.

Using their superior intellectual abilities, the agents discovered the packages’ whereabouts and unwrapped them while reading their next dossier. Inside the packages, they discovered the ingredients and instructions necessary for making a large quanitiy of chocolate chip cookies. Their dossier then instructed them to take the first few batches to a nursing home close to their base.

The girls spent time talking with the residents, singing to them, and sharing cookies with anyone who wanted one. They demonstrated openness, compassion, and kindness as they interacted with each person. One of the girls asked if she could make hats and scarves for all of the patients and teared up as we left because she cared about them. Their nursing home informant thanked the girls for coming and handed them the next envelope.

The day progressed in the same pattern, with the girls finding other packages and dossiers that instructed them in several tasks. At the task locations, their informants handed them the next clue and section of the cypher. By the end of the day, the girls had delivered cookies to the local fire station and a rescue mission for the homeless downtown. They created a banner of gratitude for the soldiers overseas and donated free rice to the United Nations World Food Program by testing their vocabulary skills. They also used their “secret service” cards to perform random acts of kindness.

After completing the cypher, the girls discovered that the trunk was being held hostage in the staff office. In order to retrieve it, they knocked three times and gave the password: Service. Inside the trunk, they found the most recent Misson Impossible movie and treats to eat as they watched it on the projector later that evening.

We congratulate these agents in their successful mission and meaningful contributions. They have proved to be as capable as their reputations described them to be. They are a credit to La Europa.


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