New Faces of Expressive Therapy at La Europa Academy

La Europa Academy would like to welcome some new faces to our Expressive Arts team.  We welcome Jaimie Cogswell, MTRS/CTRS who will be facilitating Recreation Therapy for our students.  Jaimie comes to La Europa with extensive experience in recreation therapy in a number of settings such as residential and psychiatric and currently works at the University of Utah in addition to her position on the La Europa Academy Expressive Arts team.

Paula Naatz has joined our team as our Dance Therapist.  Paula is a master’ level practitioner who has more than 20 years experience as a dance therapist in a variety of settings.  She works at Primary Children’s Residential Treatment Center full time and joins our team to use her dance/movement therapy skills with our students who have body image issues or have experienced trauma.

Jaycie Voorhees, M.M., M.T.-B.C. and Neurologic Music Therapist, continues her work at La Europa bringing her expertise in music therapy to help girls with social challenges and mood challenges.

Students at La Europa are involved in two group therapy sessions daily – one is a processing group tailored to each student’s issues and the other is an expressive therapy group (art, music or dance) also tailored to the students’ issues.

La Europa also welcomes our two new dance teachers, Ali Monsen and Haley Anderson.  Both of these young women have more than 10 years experience in dance competition and have taught a wide variety of dance classes.  They will be helping the La Europa students brush up on and expand their dance techniques as well as working on choreography.  Students at La Europa Academy can choose dance classes or yoga as an option to Physical Education class and have the opportunity to display their talents during our quarterly Fine Arts Festival.


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