La Europa Academic Team Receives Top Marks

The academic team at La Europa completed a recent accreditation by the Northwest Accreditation Committee, who came to conduct their external site visit on February 19, 2013.  The accreditation visit occurs every five years and results in continuing accreditation of La Europa’s academic program which means that credits earned through La Europa Academy can transfer to any secondary and post-secondary institution.  The academic team had to engage in a rigorous self-study process and provide extensive documentation of the school’s structure and teaching practices as well as be observed by the accreditation team.

La Europa Academy’s academic program was given exemplary marks for the mission, the leadership and the ability to create a safe climate that fosters learning.  The accreditation team remarked on how individualized the education is and how thoroughly each student’s educational needs were understood by the academic team.  

The school experience at La Europa Academy is part of what makes La Europa a comprehensive treatment option for girls 14 – 18.  With four full-time, licensed teachers (one for each core subject area) and a host of supplemental teachers for elective classes, students at La Europa experience their academic day much as they would in their regular school with direct teacher-to-student instruction, hands-on learning experiences and plenty of support for homework assignments.

“Many of our students have struggled in school either academically or socially,” said Wendy St. James, PhD, Education Director.  “We see very clearly the impact our school experience has on students’ self-esteem and their ability to meet their therapeutic goals.”


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