Massages, Music, and a Mystery

Here are some highlights of our activities over the past month at La Europa:

Mini Spa Day: New age music drowsily drifted through the grapefruit-scented air as girls savored dark chocolate truffles and sipped raspberry-lime ice water. After learning all about fashion from professional image consultant/stylist, Natalie Thorsen, they indulged in facials and makeup tips with local Mary Kay consultant, Lindsey Wells. All through the morning, LEA’s licensed massage therapist helped girls release tension by working on knots in backs and shoulders. It was just what the doctor ordered after several long winter months. Plates of fresh pineapple, strawberries, mangoes, blueberries, grapes, and blackberries helped our senses escape from frigid February temperatures and a Valentine’s service project for a local senior care center warmed our hearts. We hope this morning of pampering and kindness helped the girls feel well on the inside and out.


Answering the girls’ questions afterwards

Conscious Music Day: Local rapper Seth Cheever, aka “Kountry Boi”, is known in hip hop circles for his clean lyrics and positive content. He also just signed a major deal with Wu Tang and happens to be the cousin of a staff member at La Europa. When he agreed to come talk with the girls, we built a morning around his visit by stressing the importance of positive content in musical choices. We first watched a PBS documentary about hip hop and then had a discussion with LEA’s music therapist about the film and about some of the ways music influences the brain. Seth then joined the discussion, told the girls about the work and preparation that led to his success. Accompanied by one of our girls on guitar, he also showcased some of his freestyle skills by making up songs on the spot.


Live-Action Clue: Professor Plum… in the Billiard Room… with the pool noodle? The contents of the confidential manilla envelope unmasked the killer, the crime scene and the weapon used to kill Mr. Body on Friday at La Europa. After watching the 80’s comedy, the girls were introduced to a real game of Clue, LEA-style. We provided them with tracking sheets, and instructed them to discover the identities of Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Mrs. White, and the rest of the Clue board game characters, who were masquerading as LEA staff and management. They were also on the look out to find signs that identified rooms, such as the lounge and the study, and secret passageways. Various “weapons” were stashed around (a fly swatter, a jump rope, a tennis racket, etc.) that they needed to find. The girls scoured the residence, the school, and the CERTS offices looking for clues in a race against other teams. Once they narrowed each category to one answer, they formed accusations and received prizes for accuracy and speed.

We are having a great time together and are looking forward to the fun things planned for our March activities!


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