A Red Carpet Rendezvous

Last week, some of the most glamourous, up-and-coming celebrities assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah for the second annual Europie Awards. Film makers, screen writers, post-production teams, actresses, directors, and producers converged on the Sugar Space Studio for the Arts, flanked by paparazzi and dressed to the nines.

Incredibly, these talented young women had taken three short films from inception to completion over the course of one week, relying solely on the resources they had available to them and their imaginations.

Film Festival 044
They started the week with a visit from Damian Dayton, a film professional, who visited La Europa to instruct them in the art of creating a movie. Afterwards, they viewed some short film examples and were assigned to one of three film crews. Each crew was given instructions and a few perimeters, and then unleashed their creativity as they scripted, scheduled, and storyboarded their original ideas.

Film Festival '13 (Part 2) 051

Throughout the week, the girls’ group therapy focused on issues they encountered. With therapists’ guidance, they explored topics such as conflict resolution, group dynamics, and assertive communication, and then were were able to put skills into practice with their crews.
After they had finished filming and editing, the girls helped create decorations and made different types of artisan popcorn to be enjoyed at the film festival.
Film Festival '13 (Part 3) 008
On the day of the screening, the glamorous girls were chauffeured to Sugar Space in a classic car. After dodging the paparazzi, posing on the red carpet for pictures, and getting past a tough security guard, they were welcomed by the music of a fabulous live band,The Number Ones.
The MC welcomed the crowd, introduced the judges, and the lights dimmed. The films ranged from mockumentaries to horror films, each with a treatment theme. As the judges conferred, girls danced to the music of the band, chatted, and snacked on the refreshments.
The films each received several awards, but in the end, Crew #3’s film, The Admit, took the coveted Europie for Best Overall Film. A few other girls received awards for their special contributions throughout the week, including peer-nominated awards for exemplarily leadership and teamwork. After more dancing, we wrapped up this year’s party.
We are proud of our celebrities and their accomplishments over the course of a week!

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