Summer School Sizzles at La Europa

Summer school will be “hot” at La Europa Academy as the students study a number of infectious diseases in Biology after reading “The Hot Zone,” by Richard Preston. The summer school course offerings range from credit recovery classes, SAT or PSAT prep classes, artistic pursuits and the usual fare of history, English, science and math. Students will also be taking educational field trips every Friday!

Some of our exciting courses this summer are:

War! This class will study reasons countries choose to go to war and how various societies mobilize their populations.

Ceramics where students will practice all forms of hand-building—slab, coil and pinch construction. In addition, all will have time on the pottery wheels,

Art Studio where students will use writing and visual art to create artistic journals.

Writing Workshop which will include improving essay writing, creative writing, and research writing skills. Students will be taken through the pre-writing, outlining, and drafting processes and will be instructed in MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting and citation guidelines.

Shakespeare: In this course, students will work collaboratively in studying one of Shakespeare’s plays. Students should come away with increased appreciation for the richness of Shakespeare’s language. Students will carefully read, study, and analyze the text and will prepare for a short scene performance by script editing, costume planning, and scene directing.


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