Midway, Labor Day, and “Fair” Play


The town of Midway, Utah, celebrated Swiss Days over Labor Day weekend this year. The girls at LEA joined in the festivities on Friday morning with a ride on the Heber Valley Historic Railroad’s Movie Train. The train, which is over 100 years old and has been featured in several movies and television shows, wound through scenic valleys and past beautiful lakes. At one point, the train was boarded by train robbers and at another, a cowgirl named “Crazy Ani” joined to serenade everyone. A spontaneous “Gangnam Style” dance party broke out in the isles with some of our girls and other passengers joining in. The conductor even allowed the girls to hook up their iPods to the train speakers so they could listen to their own music as we passed through the beautiful countryside.


Though they enjoyed some freshly popped popcorn on the train, the girls finished the ride with a picnic at the station. The ride home was a chance to rest and get ready for the afternoon at the arcade, where the girls played for a few hours before heading home once more.


Labor Day started with a special breakfast in pajamas of homemade buttermilk pancakes, fresh berries, scrambled eggs, bacon, and juice. After getting ready for the day, we headed out to see the Natural History Museum of Utah’s exhibit Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters and explore the rest of the vast museum.


Later in the day, we headed up Millcreek Canyon to have a bonfire, cook tinfoil dinners, play guitars and cards, relax by the stream, sing, and chat. The weather was perfect and we capped off the evening by making s’mores.


Recently, kind parents of a recent graduate donated a karaoke machine to the house. We spent some of our free time on Thursday enjoying that and playing Just Dance on the Wii. Friday, we enjoyed a visit to the Utah State Fair. (Check out a funny commercial for it featuring Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro here.)


It’s been a busy summer at La Europa, and we are happy to be back in school. Look for more fun happenings in the future!


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