The advent of the Utah Education Association conference always means a few days off of school for students in the state. We made good use of the time at La Europa. Here are some highlights:

  • Heather Anderson came to share her powerful story of drug resistance with everyone. After her brother died of a drug overdose, Heather became an outspoken advocate for prevention of drug and underage alcohol use. She told our students that after her brother’s death, she wanted to go after all of the drug suppliers and put them in jail. She realized, however, that more people would rise up to fulfill the demand for drugs. In order to make a difference, she would need to address the rising generation on the prevention side. After winning the Miss Utah crown, she went on to place as a finalist in the Miss USA pageant, with the goal of using her title to get into schools to share her message. With the use of fatal vision goggles, statistics, a lot of student participation, and a passionate voice, she taught some powerful lessons. Several students remarked afterwards that her story really impacted them and that they had an increased commitment to staying sober.


  • To take advantage of this fun time of year, we visited Cornbelly’s Corn Maze. The students bounced on a giant jumping pillow, visited a haunted house, and explored several of the other themed attractions available. We also enjoyed a reserved pavilion and firepit for lunch, where we made s’mores and relaxed.


  • With Halloween right around the corner, we visited some local thrift shops and harnessed our creativity to pull together some fun costumes for the celebration. We also had the chance to dip caramel apples and enjoy a movie together.

We are looking forward to more adventures with our ropes course experience this Friday. Stay tuned!


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