Film Festivals and Other Fun


Another week’s vacation from school, another adventure. Utah is known for its film festivals, but La Europa’s Europie Awards may be one of its best-kept secrets. We were excited for the third-annual iteration of the awards this year, with some talented students participating.


The students had the chance to conceptualize their own storyline, as well as act in, film, and edit their own short films. Each of the three groups demonstrated team work, problem solving, creativity, time management, and leadership as they worked toward this goal.


On Friday morning, the students dressed in their best red carpet glam and drove to the Broadway Centre Cinemas in downtown Salt Lake City. They walked the red carpet, got through tight security, and enjoyed concessions prior to the film screenings. After our three esteemed judges watched the films the students prepared, they awarded “Europies” for different categories ranging from screenwriting to cinematography to acting to editing and beyond. They also presented peer awards for outstanding leadership and teamwork demonstrated throughout the week. After some acceptance speeches and some dancing in the aisles, everyone headed back to LEA.


Beyond the film festival, we also enjoyed several activities. We watched a Sundance film called The Music Never Stopped, played on the slip and slide, gardened, and visited the Utah Humane Society. One of the highlights of the week was an after-hours pool party for the students where they had the entire pool, diving boards, and water slides to themselves. After the awards ceremony on Friday, they also had a chalk art festival outside, were visited by the Intermountain Therapy Animals, enjoyed a barbeque, and danced to the music of a soul band at a local outdoor concert series.


We love Summertime in Utah, and are proud of the kids for their cooperation and creativity this week!

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