A Utah Labor Day Weekend

LaEuropeans had Labor Day off of school, of course, but also had the bonus of the Friday before off, as well.  Friday morning, the group was treated to a tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s, a chocolate factory here in Utah.


It was actually very educational, but even on a day off of school, we were happy to learn – about chocolate! Samples were also part of the deal, so it was a favorite.


That evening, the crew was incredibly excited to be able to head to the theater and watch The Fault in our Stars, based on the best-selling book.

Labor Day was a day to sleep in a little, then Zumba Instructor, Ileah, came to the house for a fun workout that had us dancing, laughing and definitely sweating.  That evening, everyone piled into the vans with Hobo dinners, guitars, games and headed up Millcreek Canyon for a nice relaxing afternoon and evening just hanging out around the fire, singing, making dinner, and wrapping it all up with the obligatory s’mores.  Can’t get enough of those gorgeous Utah mountains!


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