For some time now, we’ve been getting a suggestion in the suggestion box to do an upper-level camping trip.  We had to squish it in, but we really wanted to get it in before the end of summer, and it turned out well!

Most of the level 4’s and above headed down to Moab, where they slept in teeny tiny cabins (without kitchen, bathrooms, anything – basically a permanent tent!) The first evening brought hobo dinners around the fire, and a backyard wild west show – one of our own got to go onstage!

backyard theater 2014backyard theater 2 2014

The next day the crew packed sack lunches and headed out to Arches National Park for some hiking.  There are some truly magnificent views there – it’s the stuff of postcards, and our kiddos thoroughly enjoyed it. The afternoon was intended for swimming, but the weather was pretty wet that day, so they settled for a nice Italian dinner.

Ari- hiking 2014

Group shot on the bridge 2014  Hiking in Arches 2014  Jackie Mary looking for something-

  The Arch 2 2014

The next morning had a hike on the agenda, but between the wet weather and the exertion from the day before, the group opted to skip it and head home.  It was a relaxing, beautiful trip and the reports were that it was a great time! Sept 054


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