Cold (Warm?) Winter Months

With a smattering of days off of school, a few holidays and 2 Parent Days, we’ve had a little fun during the second half of Utah’s unseasonably warm winter!

Some of the fun highlights include bowling, snowshoeing, karaoke night, jumping at the wAIRhouse trampoline park and Walmart Bingo (with prizes!)  We also engaged in some more meaningful activities, like creating medical dolls for Primary Children’s Hospital…


… and a visit to the Leonardo Museum.

DSCF5563 DSCF5567

We had two back-to-back Parent Weekends, with 2 great Fine Arts Festivals. January was themed Happiness and March’s show was about Community.  We always love seeing what our students can come up with, and this past show had some really wonderful and unique additions!

We’ve also been spending a lot of time doing Zumba, volunteering at the local Food Pantry and recording ourselves at SpyHop, a digital media studio where we can record music for free.  And we can’t forget a few fun holidays, where we wrote ourselves love notes (Valentine’s) and colored eggs (Easter, of course.)


Stay tuned for more comings and goings!


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