Third Annual Europies Film Festival


For the third year in a row now, we at LEA held a La Europa Film Festival, also known as The Europies.  It’s not quite Sundance, but we always thoroughly enjoy the products of our students’ imaginations.  Students are placed into 3 groups and given a week to bond, storyboard, write, film, edit and finalize a short film.  We focus group therapies that week around communication, conflict resolution, team building, etc. There are a few breaks for exercise, for watching a Sundance film (“The Music Never Stopped”) and for making treats, but it is generally a pretty intensive week!

Friday morning, students got dressed up in their interpretation of Red Carpet Glam and were driven downtown to the Broadway Theater, where they had to get past tough security and walk the red carpet for the paparazzi.


With a few snacks, there was a showcase of the films and then our esteemed judges awarded some prizes for best film and best actor/actress among others. After the festival, we appreciated some time to just relax, choose yoga or Zumba for some exercise and cap off the week Friday night with an outdoor concert, Broadway Live! featuring one of our own residential advisors and voice coach.  We love this effort by our students and are already looking forward to next year!


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