Fabulous Fall

For a full week off of school in August, we were able to get out and enjoy some great activities – both invigorating and relaxing. We kicked off the week with yoga and some prep time for our upcoming Fine Arts Festival, enjoying a movie on the projector outside, with s’mores over the fire pit. Tuesday saw a trip to beautiful Park City, where we visited the Olympic Park Complex, seeing a lot of history, completing an amazing hike and zip lining down the mountain!

IMG_20150818_100608_333  IMG_20150818_110432_770 IMG_20150818_120337_259

Wednesday began with a trip to the lovely Red Butte Gardens, followed by our favorite furry friend spot, the Humane Society, and finally some Extreme Karaoke at the house – this ain’t yo mama’s karaoke!  We thought a random Thursday could only rightly begin with some laser tag, so that’s what we did! Then swimming and free time were proceeded by “Grease’d”, a parody show at Desert Star Theater.  Hilarious!  Our final day was filled with much of the usual – zumba, Euro Store, craft time and Open Studio (free art projects,) Open Gym (free use of sports equipment,) or Open Jam (free reign of music room and designated jam time.)

Labor Day was our chance to visit the Hill Aerospace Museum – a fantastic collection of aircraft and history.  We also got to see Tomorrowland in the theater and don’t forget the homemade ice cream!

And finally, we can’t leave out a surprise day off of school  in November while our teachers were taking advantage of a training opportunity.  Most of our students didn’t mind, as it gave them a day to spend at our very own Hogle Zoo.  There were many spectacular new exhibits (including Rocky Shores and Asian Highlands) as well as a carousel ride and popcorn – Wednesday at it’s finest!


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