November Notables

While our amazing teachers attended a training, we had a random Wednesday off of school in the beginning of November.  What better way to spend it than with sack lunches at the Zoo?  Even in November, the weather was warm enough and we love seeing those animals!

Then of course, were the days of Thanksgiving break.  On Thursday, we were able to start the day with brunch and family phone calls, which also meant some relaxing Wii and movie time, followed by a gratitude photo scavenger hunt created by our amazing Rec. Therapy Intern, Codi.  Then, with a few homey dishes made in house, and some other food catered, staff and students sat down to share a lovely Thanksgiving meal, complete with a round of things for which we are grateful.  It was a warm and sweet time around the table.  The evening ended with a trip to see The Peanuts Movie, and of course, PIE!

The next day, we were able to make and prepare a meal for those staying at Ronald McDonald House and then browse the exhibits at The Leonardo museum.  We crowned our time off of school with the decorating of our tall, majestic Christmas tree!  Happy holidays all!


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