Cold days, Cool times

In the cold beginning of 2016, we were able to enjoy a smattering of days off of school here and there.  We spent time preparing for 2 different Family Weeks and the Fine Arts Festivals that accompany them (these times themed Dreams and Laughter.)  But don’t think that was all!  We had loads of opportunities for fun, including awesome visits to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium and the Nickelcade.  Bringing you back?

It took us a few tries because of snow storms, but we also finally got to enjoy a few winter time activities –  the Ice Castles in Midway, Ut, and going up the Wasatch mountains for a great afternoon of snowshoeing! Who knew walking around on tennis rackets would be such a blast?

We got to spend some of our time off with a few good old standbys – the movie theater (Kung Fu Panda 3 – Skidoosh!) and bowling the lanes.  Bowling was our staff and student Wellness Activity for March, and we had a really great time being able to just do something fun with our staff, teachers, therapists and students all mingling together for once.

Lastly, we were privileged to see two plays this winter.  We got to attend “As You Like It” put on by the University of Utah, Shakespeare in a small setting.  Then in contrast, we went to see “The Pirate Queen” in a professional theater-in-the-round, at Hale Center Theater.  See what we have got coming in warmer days!

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