Days of Summer ’16

We kicked off the summer with lots of active festivities!  Memorial Day saw LEA at Laser Quest (a real showdown!) then volleyball, frisbee and chalk art at home in the afternoon, and topped it off with one of our favorites – dinner and s’mores over the campfire up the canyon.

Our festive 4th of July included the Murray City Independence Day Parade, water baseball, water balloon volleyball, plus homemade ice cream and movies in the evening! For additional days off, our students hiked to Donut Falls, went to a Bees game, roller skated, story time atop Buffalo Peak, saw a children’s production of Snow White and the Seen Dwarfs on stage, and hit the movie theater for Finding Dory!  Not to mention all the usuals – yoga, zumba, free time, study hall.

We closed our summer much the way it began. Labor Day had a visit to wAIRhouse Trampoline Park, Kubo and the Two Strings in theater, and dinner over the fire up in beautiful Millcreek Canyon.  Got to take advantage of the remarkable Utah surroundings when we can!,img_0999

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