Utah Shakespeare Festival

As we do every year, a group of LEA students got to spend time in Cedar City, Utah attending the world-renowned and Tony-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. This year, 15 students and 4 staff got 4 days of plays, seminars, tours and fun.

We were able to watch 3 different Green shows – an outdoor musical show before each play – all themed from a different European country, and a lovely way to begin each evening.  We attended pre-show Play Orientations each night, and post-show Seminars to review each morning, which really helped us be able to understand, enjoy and relate our Shakespeare experiences.

The plays we enjoyed were Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing, Three Musketeers and Mary Poppins (not all Shakespeare, but all great!) and each was fantastic in its production!  We also got time in a backstage tour, an intriguing costume seminar and an enlightening props seminar, not to mention all the gift shop and photo-taking time!

This is a one-of-kind experience that we are lucky to have so close to us!  Here’s to another great Festival!

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