About La Europa Academy

Located in Murray, Utah, La Europa Academy is an all-girls school and residential treatment center designed specifically for girls aged 14-17. La Europa Academy is a proud member of the National Association for Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). We specialize in treating girls with severe anxiety and depression, emerging personality features, addictive behaviors, trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues, school avoidance, and family problems.

The Academy utilizes an arts program that encourages students to express themselves and begin healing through art and expressive therapy. Using the arts in connection with our clinical model helps students to understand their choices, interrupt destructive cycles, and reconnect with their families.

The school uses positive reinforcement to encourage students to recognize their own talents and strengths. The college preparatory curriculum promises to challenge each girl and instill her with the skills she needs to succeed in higher levels of academics. And with a low student-to-faculty ratio, all girls receive quality amounts of attention.

La Europa Academy is not all therapy and academics, though. Students enjoy a thriving social life. La Europa Academy is located in an urban setting, which gives the students many opportunities to get out and about in the community and encourages an easier transition out of the program on completion. Each girl boards with 2-3 roommates to a bedroom, giving her privacy and the chance to bond with other students. New students are assigned a peer mentor to facilitate the integration process. La Europa Academy girls also participate in many fun and challenging extracurricular activities, such as hiking, rappelling, and snowshoeing.

4 thoughts on “About La Europa Academy

  1. Hello it’s Anna I just left la Europa for medical reasons. I wanted someone to please tell the kids that I said hi and thanks so much for making me smile when I was real sick and to the staff for waisting there time in the hospital with me. I think I scared Madison haha. I also want to thank the girls that made me cards. That was so nice of them and I didn’t get to tell them how much I appreciated it. I might be back good luck!!

  2. I was looking at La Europa because my parents are letting me help pick the boarding school I’ll be sent off to, and I was wondering why there aren’t any pictures of the residential buildings?

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