Spring Break at LEA

We’ve had such a great time at La Europa over the past week! Here are some of our adventures:


Monday, April 14th

The week started with a live version of the board game CLUE. The kids had a list of suspects, weapons, and rooms and were divided into three teams. Each team started in a different location (the house, the school, and the CERTS offices). They had to discover the identity of suspects by making inquiries, find “weapons” (like a jump rope or plastic bowling pin) stashed in random places, and locate rooms by posted (but hidden) signs. As they raced to eliminate options, they drew closer to the solution that was located in a manilla envelope. Each team that came up with the correct conclusion received a prize and the first team to return received an extra incentive.


That evening, the kids who indicated that they wanted to participate in a seder for the first night of Passover were treated to a beautiful dinner prepared by Sam, our cook, and Sheila, our marketing director. The rest of the kids headed over to the Energy Solutions Arena to watch a Utah Jazz vs. LA Lakers basketball game.

IMG_0665Tuesday, April 15th

We spent most of Tuesday at Boondocks Food and Fun in Draper. We enjoyed unlimited go karts, bumper boats, batting cages, mini golf, arcade games and simulators, lazar tag, and a pizza/pasta/ice cream buffet. They were even kind enough to cook the gluten free kosher for Passover pasta we brought for our students observing the holiday! We had a great time!


Wednesday, April 16th

On Wednesday, the kids piled into vans and headed over to Wheeler Historic Farm. Once there, we divided into five teams and explained the rules for the day’s Amazing Race, patterned after the television reality show. The kids raced to find locations and clues, perform silly stunts, and avoid being detoured by opposing teams. All team members received prizes based on their speed in getting to the final destination.

That evening, after some free time and group therapy, everyone was able to enjoy Muppets Most Wanted in a local theater.


Thursday, April 17th

Thursday was a full and busy day. We started by visiting the new Living Planet Aquarium where we saw penguins, petted sting rays, and walked through tunnels with sharks swimming overhead. After the aquarium, we had picnic sack lunches and jumped, flipped, dodged, and bounced around at the WAIRhouse Trampoline Park.


That evening, we took advantage of the beautiful weather by watching an outdoor movie   in the back yard of LEA on a giant inflatable screen and stereo system. As the night turned a bit cooler, we enjoyed a bonfire and s’mores as the feature played.

DSC01174Friday, April 18th – Sunday, April 20th

Friday was a more relaxed day and students enjoyed some free time in the morning and a hike to Ensign Peak in the afternoon with our rec therapist, Nikki.

On Easter Sunday, the kids colored Easter Eggs and had had a hunt around the property for other plastic easter eggs and candy.

10173719_586056313164_3383040972546595874_nWe missed our students who with their families over this week and we’re glad to they’ve returned safely. More fun activities to come!

Spring Break at LEA


Spring Break was a busy time for the girls who remained at La Europa. We got a little taste of history by watching Steven Spielberg’s movie, Lincoln, at the theater and tested our bowling skills at Bonwood Bowl. The girls participated in groups and therapy as usual, and it was fun to have some low-key activities to unwind.


One of the highlights of the break occurred when we were visited by four musicians who call themselves This is Your Band. The seasoned group has performed all over the nation and on television and radio, marketing themselves as a “karaoke band”. With over one thousand songs at their disposal, the men could play any song the girls selected. The words for each tune were then projected on a screen and the girls could follow along as they fronted the band.

That afternoon, we took the girls to the Utah Humane Society to socialize with the animals. They played with rodents, rabbits, dogs, and cats and easily bonded with them. It was fun to observe the girls being so nurturing and loving, and many of them wanted to stay longer.


Our final morning of the break was a surprise to the girls. They knew that they were going to play a game and how to dress, but they weren’t sure what to expect. The director of the Wheeler Farm was kind enough to let us set up an Amazing Race on their property, and when the girls arrived, we split them into teams. We explained the rules for things such as the “fast forward pass”, “detours”, “road blocks”, “u-turns”, and other tasks they would need to complete as they located each clue and location along the route. They also learned about the prizes at stake (movie passes to use with their mentors and “Euros” to use at the LEA store). To start the race, each team received a logic puzzle to solve. Once they completed it successfully, they received their first clue. As they raced from location to location with staff, they worked to complete challenges, solve clues, and use strategies. It took about an hour and a half of running around, and the girls were tired and happy after completing the course. We were proud of all their efforts, and each team received prizes for participating, varying by their order of race completion. They took further advantage of the beautiful weather by playing outside with water balloons, bubbles, and more outdoor games later in the day.


While we missed our girls who returned home for the break, we had a blast together on campus. We look forward to more fun later this month!