Summer Break!

 We had quite an eventful week off of school for summer break in August.  Monday began with a trip to see Million Dollar Arm in the theater – you can watch the trailer here. That afternoon saw our group rafting down the Provo River.  It’s a relatively mild river with minimal rapids, where at some points was very serene and relaxing, with other points providing our group some obstacles and unforgettable experiences.

Tuesday took us up Little Cottonwood Canyon for a short hike to Cecret Lake, where we enjoyed lunch and the beautiful scenery. The evening was low-key, going to regular groups and dinner at the house, followed by the usual Tuesday evening prospects – Free Time options and AA.

Wednesday brought our kids to serve in one of their favorite spots – the Humane Society of Utah.  They just can’t get enough of those furry little friends!  They got to fraternize with big dogs, little dogs, cats and even a few from the rodent family.
That night, we were able to head to downtown Salt Lake for a free outdoor concert with the Utah Symphony. It was a wonderful mix of people and a nice night of culture.

The house was favored Thursday morning with a visit from Amanda Loveland, CEO of ModBod Clothing. She shared a wonderful message of authenticity and divine inner-beauty, and gave each of our kids a beautiful necklace as a reminder. “No matter what you look like, what your shape is, or where you are from, we are all women. We have a unique quality to us that is divine and we need to embrace who we truly are OUTSIDE of what everyone tells us we should look like. Divine beauty comes from within and we are all beautiful. We just need to allow that beauty to come forth. We need to be fearless.” -Amanda

In the afternoon, each community in turn visited a large local labyrinth (learn more about labyrinths here.) It is a kinesthetic practice of a metaphorical centering, a journey to your own core. It was a very positive, meditative experience, followed by dinner and a movie at home – projected on the wall, of course!

We ended the week off with a visit from This is Your Band, an LEA favorite. (They’ve been here before!) This incredibly talented band plays and sings backup for our very own stars, karaoke style.  There were some truly choice performances this go round!

Labor Day weekend was right on the heels of this break – don’t go too far!

Musicals and Motivation

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More fun times at La Europa and in the community! Here’s what we’ve done with our recent days off of school:

Friday, February 28th

Our students always enjoy giving service at the Humane Society and request that we go as often as possible. We started off the day there socializing with the animals and getting lots of love from them.

In the evening, we got the wonderful opportunity to see the national touring company of Bring It On, The Musical at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City. With Tony nominations for Best Musical and Best Choreography, the show was full of great music, incredible gymnastic displays, and a plot our students enjoyed. Here’s a sample of one song from the musical, performed at the 2013 Tony Awards:


Thursday, March 13th

We had an amazing visit in the morning from a friend of Trilby, Robbi, Aaron, and Sheila. Jill Nugent is a licensed substance abuse counselor and board certified interventionist, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Jill shared her powerful story of overcoming abuse, addiction, toxic relationships, and other chaotic life circumstances. She was very honest with the kids about her journey, and it was inspiring to hear about the complete shift in her life as she decided to work the steps of recovery.

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Friday, March 14th

On Friday, we experienced a backstage tour of the highest-attended community theater in the country, the Hale Center Theater in West Valley City. Besides showing the kids around, our tour guide, Melanie, taught them experientially about the most important thing an actor can have (control), audience etiquette, theater games, props, and more. Our students had question after question and had a great time as they learned.

That afternoon, we returned to the Hale to watch a moving performance of Les Misérables. Even though the Hale is a smaller theater in the round, the cast and crew were able to portray this musical in a way that honored it’s sweeping scope. We had a wonderful time!